Basic Obedience Commands for Dogs

Basic Obedience Commands for Dogs

Basic Obedience Commands for Dogs

Hey There, Dog Parents: Master These Basic Obedience Commands and Make Fido the Star of the Dog Park! What’s shakin’, fellow dog lovers? If you’re reading this, you’re probably in the same boat as me—trying to teach a new dog some old tricks, or just tryin’ to get your four-legged furball to actually listen. Trust me, I’ve been there. My pup used to think “Sit” was an invitation to play fetch. But don’t sweat it, because today we’re gonna dive into the nitty-gritty of basic obedience commands that’ll turn your canine into an A+ student!

The Must-Know Commands


Ah, the granddaddy of all commands. It’s your go-to for when you’re waiting at the vet’s office and your dog is going stir-crazy. Simply hold a treat above their nose, move it back over their head, and boom—gravity does the rest. Once their booty hits the ground, reward ’em with that treat.


This one’s a gem for keeping your dog put. It’s like hitting the pause button on a remote control. With your dog in a “Sit” position, hold your palm out like a traffic cop and say “Stay.” Take a step back, then forward, and reward ’em for not moving.


The lifesaver—literally. If your dog’s darting toward a busy street, a solid “Come” command can save the day. Start with a leash and call your dog’s name followed by “Come.” Give a gentle pull and reward them when they get to you. Simple, yet powerful.


If you’re tired of your dog dragging you around like you’re competing in the Iditarod, “Heel” is your new best friend. This command helps your pooch walk nicely right beside you. Start by saying “Heel” and tap your thigh to let ’em know where they should be. Reward with treats and verbal praise when they get it right.


Different from “Sit,” this is a full-body command. Useful for those moments when you just need your dog to take a chill pill. Hold a treat close to their nose, lower it to the ground, and watch as they hit the deck. Treat time!

Leave It & No

Lastly, these are your catch-all commands. Whether your dog’s found something yucky on the ground or is jumping up on visitors, a firm “Leave It” or “No” works wonders.

Advanced Commands: The Cherry on Top

Paw/Shake, Roll Over, Speak/Quiet

Once your pup’s nailed the basics, why not have a little fun? Teach ’em to shake hands like a little gentleman or roll over for some belly rubs. And if you’ve got a chatty Cathy, “Speak” and “Quiet” are great for managing those vocal cords.

Tips ‘n Tricks for Effective Training

  1. Consistency is King: Stick with the same words and hand signals for each command.
  2. Treat Yo’ Pup: Treats are the currency of the dog world. Use ’em wisely.
  3. Keep It Short and Sweet: Dogs have the attention span of, well, a dog. Keep training sessions to about 10-15 minutes.

Wrap It Up

Look at you, now armed with the knowledge to make your pup the envy of the dog park! Training’s not just about having a well-behaved pet; it’s about bonding, communication, and loads of fun.

Ready to turn your pup into a top-notch student? Share your training triumphs and fails with us below, and don’t forget to hit those social share buttons to spread the doggy wisdom far and wide!

Happy training, folks! 🐾

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